Car Accidents

Frish Law Group has a team of car accident lawyers that are experienced in pursuing claims on behalf of accident victims.

car accident lawyersCar accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injuries, and collisions with other vehicles can be devastating to both drivers and passengers. When you make a claim for damages in a car accident, there will be involvement with other drivers, insurance companies, and law enforcement, requiring experienced legal counsel to handle your case and pursue maximum compensation. It is essential to determine fault as soon as possible after the accident, while the facts can be investigated and memories are still fresh.

Establishing Liability in a Car Accident

The case for liability depends on the circumstances of the accident, and if multiple vehicles were involved, there may be more than one claim. In evaluating your case, Frish Law Group will examine the cause of the accident and whether there was more than one party at fault. This may include discussions with other drivers, their attorneys and examining the police report from the accident.

In California, negligence is determined by comparing the degree that each party contributed to the accident, so even if you were partly to blame you can still be awarded a reduced amount of damages. You should not allow insurers to tell you that you don’t deserve compensation, even if you contributed to the accident.

Potential Damage Awards in California

In some cases, the cause of an accident is very clear, such as accidents involving a drunk driver or a fatigued trucker. The victim of a car accident with a single cause can recover full damages for their injuries if the other party was at fault. Personal injury law entitles the victim to recover their actual costs of:

  • Medical care and surgeries.
  • Lost wages and income.
  • Damage or replacement of their vehicle.
  • Ongoing rehabilitation.

In addition, California gives car accident victims the right to claim damages for pain and suffering, where the aftermath of the crash has a lasting effect on their life. These amounts are referred to as non-economic damages and the award will depend on the circumstances. For this reason, the car accident lawyers at Frish Law Group will carefully assess your claim, and will resist efforts by insurance companies to settle quickly for insufficient amounts.

Time is of the Essence in Car Accident Claims

In California, you must file a claim for personal injury within two years from the date of the accident. This includes claims for liability stemming from a car accident, and is one reason to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Often, the case for liability will depend upon the police investigation and report, memories of witnesses and other physical evidence. If too much time passes, it becomes more difficult to establish fault, and your claim may be harder to prove. Even if you are still recovering from your injuries, it is never too early to speak with a lawyer who understands how liability is established in car accidents.

Pursuing Your Personal Injury Claim With Frish Law Group Attorneys

Frish Law Group understands how to present a case for liability in a car accident, and we will use our years of experience to bring you the best result possible. We will negotiate settlement with insurers on your behalf, and if you are not satisfied we will litigate the case in court. If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver, you deserve compensation.

Our priority is to give you the finest legal representation available. We will work to have your medical costs, lost wages and damages for pain and suffering fully recovered. Please contact us for a free consultation, and allow us to discuss with you the damages that may be available to compensate for the trauma of your accident.