Slip and Fall

Our experienced slip and fall lawyer can advise you of your right to compensation.

slip and fall lawyerOne of the most common causes of personal injury is the slip and fall accident, which can result in significant injuries in some cases. If you are injured, you may be eligible for compensation if a property owner or tenant failed to exercise care in preventing hazards. Slip and fall accidents can be caused by loose carpeting, wet floors, unsafe stairways or other instances of poor property maintenance or upkeep. Frish Law Group can represent you in your slip and fall case, and help you establish owner liability for your injuries caused by unsafe property conditions.

Establishing Liability for Slip and Fall Cases

There are three distinct ways to assign liability to a property owner for slip and fall injuries:

1. The property had unsafe conditions, even if the owner did not know they existed. For example, a leaking pipe that creates a wet, slippery floor.

2. The hazard was known but nothing was done to correct it, due to poor maintenance practices or reluctance to spend money on repairs.

3. The owner should have known about the hazard as a reasonable expectation of maintaining a safe property.

The recovery of damages will depend upon whether the owner was negligent in the management and repair of their property. An owner has a duty to visitors to maintain a reasonable degree of safety on their premises, and any facts that demonstrate a failure to exercise care can be used to show negligence. Dangerous property conditions that cause injury should be known to most responsible property owners, and if known then the hazard should be corrected.

Even if the owner was negligent in maintaining their premises, if you contributed to the slip and fall, that may affect the amount of compensation that you will recover. California uses a system of comparative negligence or ‘shared fault’ to assign a percentage of blame to each party. For example, if you trip on a stairway, but also failed to use the handrail for stability, then you may have contributed to your own injuries. Your attorney can explain to you the facts and circumstances that may be included in a comparative negligence analysis.

The Slip and Fall Lawsuit: Time Limits for Filing and Available Damages

If negligence was the reason for the accident, a lawsuit can be filed against the owner or tenant of private property, or against a government agency if the slip and fall occurred on public property. For private owners, the suit must be filed within two years from the date of the accident, and for government agencies the time to file is only six months. Due to this California statute of limitations, if you have been injured in a slip and fall you should contact an attorney right away. Frish Law Group has a skilled slip and fall lawyer ready to pursue a claim for damages on your behalf, and we will work to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible.

Types of damages available for compensation in a slip and fall case include:

  • Medical bills for hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation and physical therapy.
  • Ongoing nursing and home care.
  • Loss of income and wages.
  • Pain and suffering where the injury has a lasting impact on your life.

All of these costs associated with your slip and fall injuries can have a dramatic effect on your personal and work life. Allow the attorneys at Frish Law Group to evaluate your case and discuss the possibility of receiving compensation for your injuries. Insurance companies may offer you a low settlement that does not begin to cover the extent of your damages, and we will make sure that your right to recover your losses is protected. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your slip and fall case.