Things To do in Culver City, CA

Culver City, CA, is a vibrant city in Los Angeles County, known for its rich history in the film and television industry. Established in 1917, it houses major studios like Sony Pictures and has been the birthplace of many classic films. The city’s downtown area boasts a thriving arts scene, diverse dining options, and boutique shopping. With numerous parks and cultural attractions, such as the Wende Museum, Culver City offers a mix of urban excitement and suburban comfort. Its strategic location near major freeways and LAX makes it a convenient and desirable place to live and visit.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

6300 Hetzler Rd, Culver City, CA 90232

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a popular destination in Culver City, CA, offering stunning panoramic views of Los Angeles. Located on a 511-foot peak, it features a steep, challenging staircase known as the Culver City Stairs, with 282 steps leading to the summit. The park spans 58 acres and includes hiking trails, picnic areas, and native plant gardens. The visitor center provides educational exhibits on the area’s natural and cultural history. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a perfect spot for fitness, relaxation, and enjoying breathtaking sunsets over the city.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

24907 Ave Tibbitts ste b, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City, CA, is a unique and enigmatic institution that blends art, science, and folklore. Founded by David Hildebrand Wilson and Diana Drake Wilson in 1988, the museum features an eclectic collection of exhibits that challenge conventional notions of museums and knowledge. Its displays range from pseudo-scientific artifacts to curious historical narratives, creating an atmosphere of mystery and wonder. Visitors can explore topics like memory, superstition, and the history of technology in a setting designed to provoke curiosity and contemplation. The museum also includes a tea room and a rooftop garden, enhancing its eclectic charm.

Culver City Park

9910 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Culver City Park is a well-loved recreational area in Culver City, CA, offering a wide range of amenities and activities for visitors of all ages. Spanning 41 acres, the park features sports fields, tennis courts, a skate park, playgrounds, and picnic areas. It’s a popular spot for community events and outdoor gatherings. The park also provides access to the Culver City Stairs, a challenging set of steps that lead to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, offering impressive views of the Los Angeles basin. With its diverse facilities and natural beauty, Culver City Park is a central hub for recreation and relaxation in the community.

Veterans Memorial Park

4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230

Veterans Memorial Park in Culver City, CA, is a cherished community space dedicated to honoring military veterans. The park spans 11 acres and offers a variety of recreational facilities, including sports fields, basketball courts, a playground, and picnic areas. It is home to the Veterans Memorial Building, which hosts community events, meetings, and classes. The park also features a swimming pool and the Culver City Teen Center, providing activities for youth. With its blend of memorial elements and recreational amenities, Veterans Memorial Park serves as a vibrant gathering place for residents and a tribute to those who have served in the armed forces.

The Wende Museum

10808 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

The Wende Museum, located in Culver City, CA, is dedicated to preserving Cold War artifacts and history, with a focus on Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Founded in 2002 by Justinian Jampol, the museum houses a diverse collection of over 100,000 items, including artwork, archives, and everyday objects from the Cold War era. The museum’s mission is to provide insight into the political and cultural life behind the Iron Curtain. Exhibits explore themes of propaganda, surveillance, and resistance, offering a unique perspective on this pivotal period in history. The Wende Museum also hosts educational programs, lectures, and cultural events, fostering a deeper understanding of the Cold War’s global impact.

Star Eco Station

10101 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Star Eco Station, located in Culver City, CA, is an environmental science museum and wildlife rescue center dedicated to educating the public about environmental conservation and protecting endangered species. Founded in 1997, the facility offers guided tours where visitors can see and learn about rescued exotic animals, including birds, reptiles, and mammals. The Eco Station also provides interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that teach about ecosystems, pollution, and sustainable living. It partners with schools and community organizations to offer educational programs and workshops, fostering environmental stewardship among children and adults. Star Eco Station is a unique blend of education, conservation, and rescue efforts, making it a vital community resource.

Sony Pictures Studio Tour

3990 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90232

The Sony Pictures Studio Tour in Culver City, CA, offers an inside look at one of the most iconic film and television studios in Hollywood. Located on the historic lot where classics like “The Wizard of Oz” and modern hits like “Spider-Man” were filmed, the tour provides visitors with a behind-the-scenes experience of a working studio. Highlights include visits to sound stages, the famous backlot, and the iconic “Ghostbusters” firehouse. Guests can also explore the studio’s museum, which features props, costumes, and memorabilia from Sony’s vast catalog of films and TV shows. The tour showcases Sony’s rich entertainment history and its ongoing contributions to the industry.!

Kirk Douglas Theatre

9820 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

The Kirk Douglas Theatre, located in Culver City, CA, is a renowned venue for live performances and a key part of the Los Angeles theater scene. Originally opened in 1947 as a movie theater, it was later transformed into a live performance space by the Center Theatre Group in 2004. Named after the legendary actor Kirk Douglas, who was instrumental in its redevelopment, the theater features an intimate 317-seat auditorium designed to offer an immersive viewing experience. It hosts a diverse array of productions, from contemporary plays to experimental works, fostering new talent and innovative storytelling. The Kirk Douglas Theatre is celebrated for its commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement.

Westfield Culver City

6000 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

Westfield Culver City, formerly known as Fox Hills Mall, is a major shopping center located in Culver City, CA. This bustling retail hub features a wide variety of stores, from popular fashion brands like H&M and Zara to specialty shops and services. The mall also offers diverse dining options, including casual eateries and sit-down restaurants. Entertainment amenities, such as a state-of-the-art movie theater, add to its appeal as a family-friendly destination. Westfield Culver City provides a modern, convenient shopping experience with ample parking and a central location, making it a favored spot for both locals and visitors.


8850 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

Platform in Culver City, CA, is a trendy shopping and dining destination located in the Hayden Tract neighborhood. Known for its stylish, modern design and curated mix of boutiques, eateries, and fitness studios, Platform offers a unique urban experience. The complex features high-end fashion stores, artisanal food markets, and popular restaurants, creating a vibrant community hub. It also hosts various events, such as pop-up shops, art installations, and wellness classes, fostering a dynamic atmosphere. With its blend of creativity and commerce, Platform has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors seeking an eclectic and upscale experience in Culver City.