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Natural disasters and accidents are a common occurrence in Southern California.
Every business or residential property should have insurance to cover
damages and related expenses from specific types of events, such as earthquakes,
floods, and fires. While some standard policies cover many types of property
damage, there may be exceptions or exclusions in the policy that limit claims.

A challenge in any disaster recovery is receiving a full insurance claim
payment in a timely manner. At
Frish Law Group, APLC, we are prepared to pursue your insurance claim if the insurer is denying
or delaying payment for any reason. With us as your counsel, we will insist
on compliance with the insurance policy, or we will either file a lawsuit
in court or demand arbitration. Payment of insurance claims is not optional
for insurers, and we are aggressive in making certain that they fulfill
the terms of the policy.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage can be caused either by internal sources or by wildfires.
In either case, damage can be extensive and may require rebuilding the
home or building and replacing contents such as furniture, electronics,
and personal items. One issue that may arise during a claim is that the
insurance policy is too low to cover the cost of rebuilding. Another issue
that may arise is that the property is valued too low by the insurer for
payment of the claim.

If you have had your personal or business property destroyed by fire, we
can assist you in establishing a replacement cost, working toward securing
payment of the claim, and handling any issues that you may have with the insurer.

Flood Damage

Flood damage to a property can occur from heavy rain, broken public water
systems, water diversion accidents, and internal flooding from pipes.
In all of these cases, payment of the claim will depend on the type of
damage and repair cost. For example, a policy may cover direct damage
to floors, walls, and ceilings, but not cover contents. Development of
mold, lasting structural problems, and land instability may be exclusions
in some policies. We can review your policy and help you with your specific
claim for flood damage.


Earthquakes are a frequent occurrence in Los Angeles, and even a small
quake can cause property damage. Usually, a property owner will have to
buy additional or separate earthquake coverage, and the types of damages
covered can vary widely. If your property was damaged in an earthquake,
we will review the policy with you and evaluate your potential claim.
Insurers are very specific about the coverage limits, and we may need
to pursue non-payment in court if there is a dispute. Because damage can
also affect the land stability, there may be issues with diminished market
values or even structural capacity for a rebuild.

Types of Damages Available in Insurance Claims

Frish Law Group APLC’s attorneys can handle your insurance claim
at every stage of the process. Whether we recover payment directly from
the insurer by filing a claim, or through litigation, we know how to get
you the maximum compensation possible.

Some types of insurance claim damages include:

  • Actual property damage to the building
  • Personal effects and contents
  • Injuries to anyone present in the accident
  • Living expenses if a home must be repaired or rebuilt
  • Loss of income due to business interruption costs

Most insurers attempt to limit payment of claims by interpreting your insurance
policy extremely narrowly. We can insist on full and fair payment of claims
and will pursue that objective on your behalf. You pay high premiums for
property insurance and deserve to have your claim paid fairly and promptly
by the insurer.

contact our Woodland Hills insurance lawyers for a consultation regarding your
insurance claim.



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