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Extensive Background in Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Frish Law Group, APLC offers clients a personal and confidential approach
to resolving legal conflicts. Our practice is centered on meeting the
unique needs of each client, and each attorney on staff has the skill
and dedication to handle the most complex legal issues presented. With
a diverse background — which includes
business law,
litigation, real estate law,
personal injury law,
landlord-tenant law, and
insurance claims — each of our firm’s attorneys are prepared to work directly
with you on seeking the best resolution possible for your case.

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Giving You Solutions, Not Just Options

When you have been injured or are involved in a legal matter, it can seem like everything is spinning out of control. Our team helps you find the solutions you need to obtain the results you deserve.

Meet the Team Fighting For You

Our Dedicated Team of Attorneys

  • Vadim F. Frish
  • Stan Pekler
  • Jasmin Sadhwani
  • Vadim F. Frish
    Vadim F. Frish


    As the founder of Frish Law Group, Vadim Frish brings extensive knowledge and experience from the business world to his trial litigation practice.
    Vadim F. Frish Photo
  • Stan Pekler
    Stan Pekler


    Stan Pekler is a successful litigator in the areas of personal injury, business litigation, and real estate.
    Stan Pekler Photo
  • Jasmin Sadhwani
    Jasmin Sadhwani


    Ms. Sadhwani earned her Juris Doctorate and has been admitted to the bar. Now, as an Associate Attorney, Ms. Sadhwani is devoted to helping her clients.
    Jasmin Sadhwani Photo

Our Diverse Litigation Practice

Our attorneys have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants
in cases involving claims for compensation or restitution for personal
or financial harm.

We handle cases in the following areas of law:

  • Truck,
    pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents
  • Personal injuries from slip and fall accidents and dog bites
  • Business and contract disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Landlord-tenant conflicts
  • Trial litigation

Each of these types of cases is distinct, and we approach your case based
on the unique facts involved and the specific laws that pertain to the
situation. Our goal is to achieve successful resolution for you as our
client, whether that involves seeking maximum compensation or defending
against frivolous claims. When necessary, we will seek both economic and
non-economic damages from the opposing party.

Economic damages may include:

  • Actual medical costs for injuries, including hospitalization, surgeries,
    and rehabilitation
  • Loss of income from your inability to work
  • Loss of property, such as damage to vehicles or personal effects
  • Economic losses from breach of contract or non-performance

In addition to economic damages, most personal injury cases include non-economic
compensation for pain and suffering. If the quality of your life has been
impacted, there may be damages available to compensate you for that lasting harm.

We can evaluate your case and give you an honest assessment of the likelihood
of success. Our approach is one of open, honest communication with our
clients and aggressive advocacy on their behalf.

Please contact us for a consultation so that we can begin the process of
defending your legal rights and obtaining compensation for damages. Frish
Law Group, APLC’s attorneys are ready to represent you and work
towards a successful resolution of your legal matter.

Anyone Can Find an Attorney. You Found the Right Ones.

When dealing with a legal matter, you need a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys to fight on your behalf. We don’t just give you options, we find you solutions.

  • Super Lawyers

  • California State Bar

  • Illinois State Bar

Aggressive Advocacy

In our practice, we approach every legal matter with an eye towards litigation.
Our committed approach gives us an advantage in pre-litigation negotiations
and settlement discussions because our attorneys’ reputation as
strong and aggressive litigators, who vigorously pursue our clients’
legal rights, is well-known throughout California and Illinois. While
we understand that litigation is sometimes inevitable and in the best
interests of our clients, we strive to utilize our strong reputation to
reach amicable resolutions in order to save time and avoid the expense
and uncertainty of trial.

Where the parties are unable to reach an agreement, a trial may be the
only means to achieve successful resolution. Our experience in the courtroom
gives us the background in both law and procedure to present your case
effectively and persuasively. Our attorneys have spent countless hours
preparing and litigating in courtrooms, and we offer you that experience
as your counsel and legal advocate.

Take the First Step and Schedule a Consultation with Our Law Firm

Legal problems can arise at any time, and often require the assistance
of an experienced attorney to evaluate potential claims and solutions.
Frish Law Group, APLC is a litigation law firm with a skilled legal team
to assist with a wide range of cases. We are dedicated to seeking solutions
for our clients and using all means possible to achieve a satisfactory
resolution. We are available for a consultation at any time to discuss
your specific legal matter.

  • Tailored StrategiesJust like no two people are the same, neither are their cases. We always find the best way to solve your case to fit your needs.

  • ExperienceOur team of dedicated attorneys brings decades worth of experience and in-depth knowledge of your case type.

  • DedicationOur attorneys pride themselves on being responsive and transparent during your whole case. When you have questions, you get answers within 24 hours or less.

  • Results-DrivenThe attorneys at Frish Law Group know how to get the job done. They tirelessly fight on your behalf to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Our Testimonials



    Handled my case professionally and with great care.

    “Frish Law group handled my case professionally with great care.”

    – Faina G.


    You will be making the best decision you have ever made!

    “This team did everything in their power to assist me with my car accident.”

    – Gladys S.


    Very responsive.

    “Very responsive, responded to concerns timely, treated me well, respectful, concerned,”

    – Bernice A.


    Extremely Satisfied Client

    “Extremely Satisfied Client”

    – Joseph A.


    Good professional experienced company

    “Good professional experienced company. Will advice to others if you had an accident.”

    – KV Express




Our Results


  • $1,000,000.00

    Auto Collision

  • $500,000.00

    Auto Collision

  • $500,000.00

    Dog Bite

  • $420,000.00

    Sexual Assault & Battery

    Our team obtained a settlement on behalf of our client.

  • $325,000.00

    Auto Collision




Focused on Your Rights & Needs


Our attorneys and staff share a commitment to service, and we strive to
maintain constant communication with our clients. Client inquiries are
answered by the end of the business day, ensuring peace of mind about
your case, and allowing steady progress toward expedient and low-cost

As a client, you can expect personal attention and constant updates regarding
your case. We understand that legal disputes and litigation can be stressful.
If you are suffering from losses stemming from a personal injury, a contract
dispute, or a landlord-tenant dispute, then the outcome is understandably
important to you. You can rely on us to pursue your legal rights with
the professional skill that you deserve.

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Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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