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Motorcycle riders are in a vulnerable position on the highway, with little protection from careless drivers who refuse to share the road. Any driver of a car or truck who contributes to a motorcycle accident may be liable for the resulting injuries and damages.

There are many ways that a driver can be found negligent in causing an accident, including:

  • Failure to give a motorcycle adequate road space

  • Following or passing too close, or swerving in front of a motorcycle

  • Not obeying traffic signs or stop lights

  • Changing lanes without looking for a passing motorcycle

  • Driving aggressively or with disregard for the safety of the rider

Types of Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

The victim of a motorcycle accident can sustain devastating injuries that may even be life threatening. The damages caused by a careless driver merit compensation and Frish Law Group, APLC can present your claim for all types of costs that you have incurred.

The potential economic damages for injuries include:

  • Hospitalization, surgical procedures, and ongoing medical care

  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

  • Loss of income or wages until full recovery

  • Damage or total loss of the motorcycle and personal property

In most cases, we will also demand non-economic damages for pain and suffering if your injuries are severe and life altering. These damages can include mental and emotional distress as well as physical pain. For instance, if you live with chronic pain and stress from an injury after an accident, you should be compensated for your suffering. Every case is different, and we will evaluate the facts of your accident to present the claim that fairly compensates you for your losses.

Establishing Fault in an Accident: Comparative Negligence

In California, the courts use a formula of shared fault, or comparative negligence. This means that compensation is calculated based on the degree that each party contributes to the accident. For example, if you are struck by a car on your motorcycle but were not wearing a helmet, then a court might find that you partially contributed to your own injuries. In this case, the driver is still at fault, but your failure to protect yourself from injury may reduce the amount of compensation.

This complex formula for establishing fault and damage awards requires an attorney who is familiar with California personal injury laws and knows how to present the unique facts of your case. Frish Law Group, APLC will work on your behalf to pursue your claim for full compensation, whether in negotiation with insurance companies or in personal injury litigation. In this way, we will not allow insurers to deny your right to recover losses and will take your case to trial if necessary.

Don’t Wait to File Your Claim

In California, you must file your personal injury lawsuit within 2 years from the date of the accident, or you could lose your right to make a claim. For this reason, we encourage you to discuss your case with us, even if you have been told by insurers or other parties that you were the one at fault. We can give you a fair evaluation of the case and help you estimate the amount of compensation that may be available.

As your legal counsel, we will advocate aggressively to bring you a fair settlement or court judgment for damages. In order to represent you, it is essential that you contact us for a free consultation as soon as possible following your accident.

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