Car accidents happen all the time in LA and if you want the best legal team, here they are… look no further! I was in an accident in 2019, what would seem like typical injuries: concussion, head pain, low back pain… took me from being a marathon runner, triathlete that was signed up for her first Ironman… to a couch potato in less than 6 months. I would do anything to have the health I had prior to my car accident and Stan & his team understood the difficulties I faced and listened to me cry too many times (side effect of concussion…) At the time of the accident I had no idea how it would change my life, Stan and his team helped me get the medical attention I needed and ultimately appropriate compensation that matched the decrease quality of life. It was difficult to see what I needed but luckily Frish Law group have helped so many people in my situation. I am so grateful and you will be too if you hire them and listen to them.