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The process of defending against or recovering damages or financial losses due to business conflicts, contract breaches, or lease disputes requires the services of an experienced litigation attorney who can advocate on your behalf. Often, the only way to be fully compensated for any losses or expenses is by filing a lawsuit and vigorously arguing the facts and circumstances of your specific case.

This is a complex process that is not easy to navigate without a seasoned lawyer to give you experienced counsel and representation. The attorneys at Frish Law Group, APLC have the litigation skills to represent you through the entire legal process and will make sure that you understand every step that we take in your case.

Often, by having an attorney at your side, other parties will take your claim more seriously and be willing to discuss a resolution out of court. Many court cases never reach the trial phase, as early settlement negotiations can bring the result that you need. We will use this strategy to attempt to bring an early conclusion to your case. However, we are always prepared to litigate your case in court, if necessary, and will present the facts to demonstrate the validity of your claim.

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Areas of Litigation

We dedicate our litigation practice to representing parties who have no other type of recourse to find a remedy.

Our litigation experience includes:

The Litigation Process

  • Timing and Filing: The first step in the litigation process is filing the documents with the court that state the nature of your claim and the specific damages. For business or property disputes, the suit must be filed within 4 years from the time a written contract is breached.

  • Case Preparation: The next step is to assemble all the facts and evidence that we can use in presenting your case. The strength of your claim will depend on the circumstances of the dispute, the types of action taken, involvement of other parties, and your own role in the situation.

  • Establishing Damage Amounts: For contract, lease, and business disputes, damages are typically limited to actual costs or expenses that you incurred. Sometimes the amount of anticipated losses could be in contention, and is often a point in settlement negotiations prior to trial. As your attorneys, we will handle all communications with the lawyers of other parties, and we will represent only your interests in the case.

  • Settlement Negotiations / Trial: Depending on the case, a settlement may be possible to avoid the expense and delay of a court trial. In many instances, the willingness to go to court with a strong case can facilitate a settlement, especially if the other party was clearly in the wrong. If there are still facts in dispute and a settlement cannot be reached, then your case will go to trial. Your litigation attorney at Frish Law Group, APLC will prepare the case with all of the facts and evidence that support your version of the events and will aggressively advocate your right to restitution for losses and damages. Depending on the case, you may also be entitled to punitive damages, statutory damages, and various forms of declaratory relief.

The outcome of your case will depend upon many factors, and we will give you an honest evaluation of the chances of success before we begin. Please contact us for a consultation so that you can discuss your case with us and begin the process of recovering losses and compensation for injuries.